China manufacturer Customized Machined CHINAMFG Deck Furniture Frame Outdoor vacuum pump and compressor

Product Description


If you are interested in aluminium, you are looking for a reliable business partner to produce aluminium semi or finished products, you want to extrude aluminium, have surface protection for them, then we congratulate you. You have CHINAMFG the right choice.

Here we will help you fulfil your business ideas. We extrude CHINAMFG profile and do CNC deep machining service in accordance with customer drawings.We also assemble the aluminium components with other materials, pack them properly and deliver them to you. And here we cannot forget about the technical support which you always have available. Our experts will be glad to help and advise you.

One stop service, Pls contact for details !

Sample provided is also welcomed. 

Product Description

Material Mainly 6000 series, like Alloy 6063, 6061,6005 etc.
Temper T3-T8
Dimension Thickness above 0.5mm;
Anodizing length within 6.8m, Powder coating length within 7.2m.
Precious machining and cutting: length tolerance can be 0.2-0.5 mm,hole  tolerance  can be  0.05mm.
MOQ 500kg per trial order. One pc of sample free of charge provided by approval and kept for future mass production inspection, delivery fees on buyer.Usually 12 tons for a 20 feet container; 24 tons for a 40 feet container.
Surface Mill,( short )Anodizing(natural color,silver,black,gold etc.), Powder coating, brushing, polishing, sand blasting,wooden grain, electrophoresis  etc.
Color White, wood color,  imitating steel,black, golden, blue, silver, champagne, green, gray and other colors as required
Machining High-precision machining  1. milling; 2. Drilling; 3. Bending; 4. Cutting 5. Punching 6.Welding 7.Grinding 8.CNC machining…
Standard ISO, SGS
According to drawing and sample
Application Industrial, Medical, automobile, electronics, home decoration etc.
Packaging Carton box, exporting plywood case, plywood pallet,Shrink film, poly bag, kraft paper, pearlcotton, or as customers’ request
Shipping port  ZheJiang / HangZhou, ZheJiang , HangZhou etc.
Payment term Tooling : 100% TT.
Ordered parts: TT,30% down payment and balance before delivery


Our Advantages

A. One stop solution to ensure good quality and lead time.

Mould made, CHINAMFG extrusion , surface treatment, cnc machining, assembling, CHINAMFG and delivery service

B. Surface treatment and machining is very diversified for options

C. Precision custom machining, strict control for surface, no scratch

D. Team cooperation service

E. Confidential service:

1) Your private information is confidential. 
2) Your design drawings are confidential.
3) Your products are only for you.
F. No matter big order or small order we will provide all the best quality,best service.


Surface treatment


Company Profile


Our company is a 1 stop service company for CHINAMFG extrusion profiles, from mold design, development, production, surface treatment, precision machining, assembling to packaging. We provide wide range of surfaces such as anodizing, colorful,sandblasting, powder coating, polishing brushing and also customized deep machining, like cutting,milling, drilling, bending, welding, punching, cnc machining etc.

Our products have been produced in strict ISO standard to CHINAMFG the quality and well exported to many countries and regions in the world. Welcome you and be happy to become your reliable business partner.  


Product category

1. CHINAMFG profile for construction, such as fence, screen, curtain wall, handrail, partition, wardrobe, greenhouse and sunroom, etc.
2. Industrial CHINAMFG Profile for solar energy, LED, machinery, advertisement, education,transport, auto part, exhibit shelf, telecom, heat sink etc
3. Home and decoration: like picture frame etc.
4. Machining service: precise cutting, de-burr, drill, punch, bend, weld, assemblage, etc.
5.  Customized aluminium products for special needs.


Packaging & Shipping

Different options of packagings and shipping method, we can suggest good protection and most proper delivery way.



1. Q: What’s your MOQ and payment term?
    A: Usually the MOQ is 500kgs, but we can discuss by different order. The payments are: (1)30% T/T as deposit, 70% before delivery 
2. Q: How many kinds of products of CHINAMFG you have?
    A: Our main products are Mill finish,  Anodizing,  powder coating, brushing, polishing and with deep machining.
3. Q: Can you supply OEM services?  
    A: We can supply OEM or ODM services.  
4.Q: How to ensure the quality of your products?
A. IS09000, client requirements, product standards, strict inspection to control raw material, production process and final products.
5.. Q: How you solve the problem of quality?
   A: First of all, we have CHINAMFG in our products, because we have our own raw material factory, and goods will be passed very strict inspection, of course there is a little damage in the delivery which can’t be avoided. If you find lots of goods have a big quality problem and really be caused by our factory production, we can compensate for your loss by negotiation. 
6. Q: Can you supply C/O and certification of products quality?
   A: Yes, we can supply 2 certifications as client requirements.
7. Q:Delivery time:
 A:Usually for new die mould and sample take about 15-20days. 1×20’or 40’container order quantity about need 20-30days. but we will try our best to supply you according to your needed time. 
8. Q.How can we get your price ?
A. We need below information to quote for you: The drawing (or sample) for fspecial parts, its surface treatment, quantity and other requirements.

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Type: Window & Door Aluminium Profile, Decoration Aluminium Profile, Heat Sink Aluminium Profile, Glass Wall Aluminium Profile, Transport Aluminium Profile, Industrial Aluminium Profile
Grade: 6000 Series
Temper: T3-T8
Window & Door Aluminium Profile: 60 Series
Alloy: Alloy
Alloying Ingredient: 6063
US$ 30/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




oudoor furniture

Can outdoor furniture cushions be replaced or reupholstered?

Yes, outdoor furniture cushions can often be replaced or reupholstered, depending on the specific design and construction of the cushions. Here’s a breakdown of the options:

1. Replacement Cushions:

Many outdoor furniture manufacturers offer replacement cushions specifically designed for their furniture lines. These cushions are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors to match your existing furniture. You can contact the manufacturer or search for authorized retailers to find the appropriate replacement cushions.

2. Custom Cushions:

If you cannot find replacement cushions that fit your outdoor furniture, you can consider having custom cushions made. There are companies that specialize in creating custom cushions tailored to your specific measurements and design preferences. This option allows you to choose the fabric, foam density, and other elements to match your outdoor aesthetic.

3. Reupholstering:

If the cushion foam is still in good condition, but the fabric cover is worn or damaged, you can opt to reupholster the cushions. Reupholstering involves removing the old fabric and replacing it with new fabric of your choice. This can be done by a professional upholsterer or as a DIY project if you have the necessary skills and tools.

4. DIY Cushion Covers:

If you have basic sewing skills, you can make your own cushion covers. This option allows you to choose the fabric and customize the design according to your preferences. There are numerous online tutorials and patterns available to guide you through the process of creating new cushion covers.

5. Maintenance:

Regular maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of outdoor cushions. Protecting them from direct sunlight, moisture, and dirt can prevent premature wear and damage. Using furniture covers, storing cushions in a dry place during the off-season, and cleaning them according to the manufacturer’s instructions can help maintain their appearance and condition.

Before replacing or reupholstering outdoor furniture cushions, it’s important to assess the overall condition of the cushions, including the foam inserts. If the foam has deteriorated or lost its shape, it may be necessary to replace the entire cushion rather than just the fabric cover.

Whether you choose to replace, reupholster, or make your own cushion covers, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of outdoor use. Opt for fabrics that are specifically designed for outdoor environments, as they are typically resistant to fading, mildew, and moisture. This will ensure that your new cushions or covers are durable and can withstand the elements.

oudoor furniture

What should I look for in outdoor furniture covers to protect against rain and sun?

When selecting outdoor furniture covers to protect against rain and sun, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key features to look for:

1. Waterproof or Water-Resistant Material: Look for covers made from waterproof or water-resistant materials to protect your outdoor furniture from rain. Materials such as polyester, vinyl, or specially coated fabrics are effective in repelling water and preventing it from seeping through the cover and damaging the furniture.

2. UV Protection: Sun exposure can cause fading, discoloration, and deterioration of outdoor furniture. Ensure that the covers you choose offer UV protection to shield your furniture from harmful UV rays. Look for covers made from materials with UV-resistant coatings or those specifically designed to block UV radiation.

3. Durable Construction: Outdoor furniture covers should be constructed with durable materials and strong stitching to withstand the elements. Look for covers with reinforced seams and high-quality materials that can resist tearing and abrasion. Reinforced corners or straps can also help secure the covers in place during windy conditions.

4. Proper Fit: It’s important to choose covers that fit your outdoor furniture properly. Covers that are too small may not provide adequate protection, while those that are too large may be prone to being blown away or collecting water. Look for covers with adjustable straps, drawstrings, or elastic hems that allow you to secure them snugly around the furniture.

5. Breathability: While it’s essential for outdoor furniture covers to be waterproof, they should also be breathable to prevent the buildup of condensation and promote airflow. Look for covers with vents or mesh panels that allow moisture to escape, reducing the risk of mold or mildew formation.

6. Ease of Use and Maintenance: Consider covers that are easy to put on and take off your outdoor furniture. Covers with features like zipper closures, Velcro straps, or buckles can make the process more convenient. Additionally, look for covers that are easy to clean and maintain, as they will require periodic washing to remove dirt, debris, and stains.

7. Warranty: Check if the outdoor furniture covers come with a warranty. A warranty indicates that the manufacturer stands behind the quality and durability of their product.

When purchasing outdoor furniture covers, it’s advisable to measure your furniture dimensions accurately and choose covers that are designed for your specific furniture type or style. This will ensure a better fit and optimal protection.

oudoor furniture

How can I properly care for and maintain my outdoor furniture?

Proper care and maintenance of outdoor furniture are essential to ensure its longevity and keep it looking its best. Here are some tips on how to care for and maintain your outdoor furniture:

1. Clean Regularly: Regular cleaning is crucial to prevent dirt, debris, and stains from accumulating on your furniture. Use a mild soap or specialized outdoor furniture cleaner and a soft brush or sponge to scrub the surfaces. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow the furniture to dry completely before using or covering it.

2. Protect from the Elements: When not in use, it’s beneficial to protect your outdoor furniture from harsh weather conditions. Use furniture covers or store the furniture in a covered area, such as a shed or garage, during extreme weather, prolonged periods of rain, or winter months. This helps prevent excessive exposure to sunlight, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.

3. Apply Protective Finishes: Depending on the material of your outdoor furniture, you may need to apply protective finishes to enhance its resistance to the elements. For example, wooden furniture can benefit from a weather-resistant sealant or protective oil to prevent cracking, splitting, and fading. Metal furniture may require occasional touch-ups with rust-resistant paint or protective coatings.

4. Inspect and Repair: Regularly inspect your outdoor furniture for any signs of damage, such as loose screws, broken parts, or weakened joints. Promptly address any issues by tightening screws, replacing damaged components, or seeking professional repairs if needed. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the furniture and prevents further damage.

5. Store Cushions Properly: If your outdoor furniture has cushions or fabric upholstery, it’s important to store them properly when not in use. Remove the cushions and store them in a dry, ventilated area to prevent mold, mildew, and fading. Consider using storage bags or containers specifically designed for cushion storage.

6. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Agents: While it’s important to clean your outdoor furniture, avoid using harsh cleaning agents, abrasive scrubbers, or power washers as they can damage the furniture’s finish or surface. Stick to mild cleaning solutions and gentle cleaning tools to maintain the integrity of the materials.

7. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for caring for your specific outdoor furniture. They may provide specific recommendations based on the material, design, and finish of the furniture.

By following these care and maintenance tips, you can extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

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